Thanks Very Much for Your Interest in
the Hyper-Responsive Marketing Club!

The Hyper-Responsive Marketing Method is an extremely powerful set of principles for assessing and entering a market with a lot less risk.  Unfortunately, many of the internet tools it previously relied on have become out of date, and it now requires updating for the modern internet landscape. 

If You're Really Interested in Furthering Your "Glenn-Like-Thinking" About Marketing, Research, and Business, a Much Better Choice at the Moment is the Make Them Buy Club

This is a LIVE Website Critique Club Where You Can Interact with
Me Personally and Ask Questions in Real Time for Only $9.95/mo!

Make Them Buy is VERY different than other live marketing critiques you may have experienced because we exhaustively research our client's markets for them before each review.  It's ONLY in the context of this competitive intelligence that we dare to advise them!  At the moment the club is only $9.95/mo... and we're including a ninety minute bonus video that reviews the best conversion insights from previous reviews.  

If you have ANY interest in marketing online, getting an ROI on this investment is really a no-brainer.  The bonus videos alone are worth ten times more than the measly ten bucks as you can use them to earn more from your site right away!  And in case you're wondering, there are many reasons the ultra-low price is actually in everyone's best interest, including ours.  Read about them on the site... if for no other reason than to see how YOU can justify a strategically low priced offer in your own business.  Click the 'Make Them Buy!' button below to find out everything you need to know now please...

Note: The hyper-responsive club is still available from the products and services page of my blog for those who just want to see how the methodology works and promise not to complain and/or refund because things are out of date.